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Ban Commercial cultivation activities in Calaveras County

BREAKING HOT! If you're not concerned about Commercial marijuana activities....well you should be now!  A significant number of environmental crimes have been located. The environmental crimes located include but are not limited to DAMAGE TO THE WATERSHEDS AND WATERWAYS. Investigators also found ILLEGAL PESTICIDE/HERBICIDE use  and evidence of marijuana growers DISCHARGING HUMAN WASTE into waterways. In addition several locations contained DANGEROUS CONDITIONS that could have caused wildland and or structure fires through unpermitted or substandard electrical connections or by placing running generators to operate in areas with dried grasses or fire fuels.

The people of Calaveras County recognize that the County needs to ban commercial cultivation of marijuana.  

This commercial industry has moved into our communities, neighborhoods and County turning residential property zones into commercial marijuana cultivation zones.  Many of these commercial grows are being protected with firearms, guard dogs and thugs.  Commercial marijuana cultivation is presently causing environmental damage in Calaveras County.   Violations at some purportedly organic grows include unlawful chemical releases, illegal use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste including  fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, rodenticides, and use of some chemicals so toxic, they've been banned for years in the U.S.   Growers are diverting our streams  to  support their marijuana irrigation systems, against the Clean Water Act.  This type of activity is putting children and families health, safety and welfare at unnecessary risk.  Regulation will not prohibit this commercial activity from taking place in your neighborhoods or keep it away from your families and your homes. 

The Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation continues to be dedicated and working hard to get a ban on commercial cultivation of marijuana and commercial marijuana activities that are taking place in our neighborhoods and communities.

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