Toxic chemicals in illegal pot grows raise concerns

Researchers, law enforcement and others are raising alarms about toxic chemicals used on illegal grow sites in mountain forests and foothill areas of California where people grow and process marijuana, including Calaveras County and the Stanislaus National Forest. There's concern for more damage to watersheds, wildlife and water supplies, more

How long are we going to allow our county to use us and our children as a "GIANT EXPERIMENT"?   Please tell your District Supervisor that enough is enough, STOP THE GIANT EXPERIMENT AND ENACT A BAN on the pot industry NOW.  Please call or email your supervisor today.   Send emails to the Board Clerk at  #failedexperiment #globalpoisoning

The environmental devastation from marijuana grows is more severe than anyone could have imagined. Sadly it's also happening on private land in Calaveras County. This is a very serious problem and health concern because of the type and amounts of herbicides and pesticides that are being used at these sites. The contamination continues with  little to no oversight or control on our private lands leaving neighbors exposed to a potentially serious health risk.


Dr. Mourad Gabriel

HOT!  The environmental damage being done by pot grows in Calaveras is a serious issue folks.  "Asked if anyone with Calaveras County is tracking or trying to track how much toxic waste is coming off illegal and LEGAL, registered grows in Calaveras County, Brad Banner, the county’s environmental management administrator, said, “We're trying to get a handle on that,” he said." 

Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation, P.O. Box 1138, Murphys, California 95247
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Ban Commercial cultivation activities in Calaveras County

Toxic Chemicals Killing California Wildlife At Illegal Marijuana Grows

LASSEN NATIONAL FOREST (KPIX 5) - It's a massive crime scene, deep in Lassen National Forest. Through dense ground cover and brutal terrain, federal agents are making their way to what might well qualify as an industrial-scale farm operation. There are living quarters, kitchens, bathrooms and trash dumps, all for the purpose of growing a lot of marijuana.

Attention Calaveras Citizens!! Most important event of the year!  Mark your calendar!


To vote on the Draft Ban Ordinance

Dates:  Tuesday, October 17, 2017 and Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Time:  8:00am - 5:00pm
Location:  Board Chambers, 891 Mountain Ranch Rd., San Andreas, CA

A copy of the Draft Ban Ordinance can be found at

Canary In The Cannabis Field

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The people of Calaveras County recognize that the County needs to ban commercial cultivation of marijuana.  

This commercial industry has moved into our communities, neighborhoods and County turning residential property zones into commercial marijuana cultivation zones.  Many of these commercial grows are being protected with firearms, guard dogs and thugs.  Commercial marijuana cultivation is presently causing environmental damage in Calaveras County.   Violations at some purportedly organic grows include unlawful chemical releases, illegal use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste including  fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, rodenticides, and use of some chemicals so toxic, they've been banned for years in the U.S.   Growers are diverting our streams  to  support their marijuana irrigation systems, against the Clean Water Act.  This type of activity is putting children and families health, safety and welfare at unnecessary risk.  Regulation will not prohibit this commercial activity from taking place in your neighborhoods or keep it away from your families and your homes. 

The Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation continues to be dedicated and working hard to get a ban on commercial cultivation of marijuana and commercial marijuana activities that are taking place in our neighborhoods and communities.

We are the

​Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation

​in Calaveras County