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​Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Special ops team raids drug cartels in Bay Area

An elite law enforcement team is battling foreign drug cartels that operate in Northern California, wreaking havoc on the environment and producing pot tainted with toxic chemicals. The ABC7 I-Team has stunning video of the special ops unit in action.

Photo courtesy of Calaveras County Sheriff Rick DiBasilio

Oct 25, 2016

"This is some of the destruction of our county being done by illegal grows. This does not show the human waste and pesticides being discarded on the ground and allowed to flow down the hillside to our streams and eventually into our rivers."

Investigators target toxic posions used to foster illegal marijuana growth

MODESTO -- (KTVU) -- Chemicals being used to boost the growth of illegal marijuana plants on California state park land could also pose a threat to animals, water supplies -- and possibly threaten humans, officials say.

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Ban Commercial Cultivation of Marijuana in Calaveras County

The people of Calaveras County recognize that the County needs to ban commercial cultivation of marijuana.  

This commercial industry has moved into our communities, neighborhoods and County turning residential property zones into commercial marijuana cultivation zones.  Many of these commercial grows are being protected with firearms, guard dogs and thugs.  Commercial marijuana cultivation is presently causing environmental damage in Calaveras County.   Violations at some purportedly organic grows include unlawful chemical releases, illegal use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste including  fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, rodenticides, and use of some chemicals so toxic, they've been banned for years in the U.S.   Growers are diverting our streams  to  support their marijuana irrigation systems, against the Clean Water Act.  This type of activity is putting children and families health, safety and welfare at unnecessary risk.  Regulation will not prohibit this commercial activity from taking place in your neighborhoods or keep it away from your families and your homes. 

The Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation continues to be dedicated and working hard to get a ban on commercial cultivation of marijuana and commercial marijuana activities that are taking place in our neighborhoods and communities.