CalTIP - Californians Turn in Poachers and POLLUTERS

As California’s population swells, the ill effects of pollution and habitat destruction are increasingly detrimental to our natural resources. Fish and Wildlife considers incidents of agricultural pollution, dumping of household waste, industrial spills and ILLEGAL MARIJUANA GARDENS to be serious crimes.  If you witness a POLLUTING incident or have information about such a violation, immediately dial the toll free CalTIP number 1 888 334-2258, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It is a CONFIDENTIAL secret witness program that encourages the public to provide Fish and Wildlife with factual information leading to the arrest of poachers and polluters.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR NAME.

Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation, P.O. Box 1138, Murphys, California 95247
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Special Election!  The Calaveras County ban commercial marijuana measure will be on a mail-in ballot election scheduled for May 2, 2017.  Look for your ballot to arrive in the mail during the first week of April 2017.  Register now and mail in your vote early! 

Vote YES on measure B  -  yes to Ban Commercial Marijuana. Thank you.

Ban Commercial Cultivation of Marijuana in Calaveras County

The people of Calaveras County recognize that the County needs to ban commercial cultivation of marijuana.  

This commercial industry has moved into our communities, neighborhoods and County turning residential property zones into commercial marijuana cultivation zones.  Many of these commercial grows are being protected with firearms, guard dogs and thugs.  Commercial marijuana cultivation is presently causing environmental damage in Calaveras County.   Violations at some purportedly organic grows include unlawful chemical releases, illegal use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste including  fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, rodenticides, and use of some chemicals so toxic, they've been banned for years in the U.S.   Growers are diverting our streams  to  support their marijuana irrigation systems, against the Clean Water Act.  This type of activity is putting children and families health, safety and welfare at unnecessary risk.  Regulation will not prohibit this commercial activity from taking place in your neighborhoods or keep it away from your families and your homes. 

The Ban on Commercial Marijuana Cultivation ballot initiative provides the means to prohibit the commercial marijuana cultivation activities that are taking place in our neighborhoods, communities and County while providing exemptions for personal medicinal marijuana cultivation.  The Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation is dedicated and working hard to get a ban on commercial cultivation of marijuana and commercial marijuana activities in Calaveras County.

We are the

​Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation

​in Calaveras County