Ban Commercial Cultivation

in Calaveras County

Calaveras County Mairjuana Dennis Mills - Bing video

THE IMPACT OF POT GROWERS: VIDEO Watch this Video with Calaveras County Supervisor Dennis Mills as he takes you on tour of one polluted site.

Welcome to Silent Poison Marijuana Cultivation: POLLUTING OUR ECOLOGY

The Effects of Cannabis Cultivation on the Environment of Calaveras County Prepared by The Communications Institute Commissioned by Calaveras County Supervisor Dennis Mills This report was carefully researched and includes data and background from officials from federal, state and local government.

The Environmental Impacts of Marijuana

September 28, 2018 - Central California What are the environmental impacts and hazards of marijuana grown in our national forests or public lands? Is there a threat we need to be concerned about? To help answer those questions and more, the National Marijuana Initiative has just released an educational video entitled, "Can't See the Forest for the Weed: Marijuana Trafficking on the Trail ."