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Poppot Bursts the bubbles of marijuana hype

The arguments to promote marijuana legalization may be flying high right now, but the arguments used to justify policies in Colorado, California and Washington are nothing more than "trial balloons." The recent votes to legalize in Washington, DC and Oregon have multiple problems and challenges.

Stop Pot - Stop Pot-It is a Trap!

Since Prop 215 (The Compassionate Use Act) was enacted in 1996, California has devolved into de facto legalization. Over 50,000 cultivation sites grow marijuana under the guise of medicine, then illegally sell it to 60% of the United States market for recreational use.


CALM California (CALMca) is a dedicated group of individuals fighting against the legalization of marijuana in California.

Calaveras County Sheriff's Office
Anonymous Marijuana Tip Line (209) 754-6870