RIGHT ON TUOLUMNE COUNTY!! Calaveras County you also owe it to us, to protect us and so far you have FAILED. "District Five Supervisor Karl Rodefer and District One Supervisor Sherri Brennan spoke adamantly against outdoor growing, and the need to protect other residents. District Two Supervisor Randy Hanvelt added, “Here’s the problem with an outdoor grow…there are a number of people, I know there is one in this room and I know others, that have some type of physical reaction, perhaps an allergy, just to the odor of it. We owe it to those people, to protect them.”

Tuolumne County Tightening Marijuana Regulations
09/19/2017, B.J. Hansen, MML News Director
Sonora, CA — Following a lively debate, the board of supervisors plan to reduce the amount of marijuana a resident can grow, medical or recreational, and banned all outdoor growing.  The action came as many of the supervisors indicated that they are getting complaints about large marijuana ...........

"The final review, prepared by Ascent Environmental Inc. of Sacramento, is based on a draft document released publically in April that said a cannabis ban would avoid significant environmental effects. It further said a cannabis regulatory system would have significant and unavoidable effects on the environment."

Calaveras county officials release final environmental review, Hearings expected to begin by month’s end
Sep 15, 2017, By Jason Cowan Jason@Calaverasenterprise.com
A final environmental review has been released by Calaveras County officials, starting the clock for when officials will open a hearing for a proposed cannabis ban.  A hearing has been scheduled on Sept. 28 for the Calaveras County Planning Commission to consider a recommendation to ...

Are you fed up with the changes that pot has brought to your neighborhood? Calaveras County needs help and we need it now!!

Pot is literally a 'state of emergency' now in Siskiyou County
09/13/2017 Alayna Shulman, Record Searchlight  
Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey turned down the $1 million a pair of pot-growers allegedly used to try bribing him recently.  But it did help him prove a point.  “Last week, I was supposed to get a bag of cash with $84,000. Are they doing that because they just want enough marijuana to meet their
Good job, another marijuana grow eliminated in Mountain Ranch. What about your neighborhood? How many commercial pot grows continue to grow and harvest in your neighborhood right out in the open as a "legal" grow? Will criminals seeking to steal the pot leave the legal grows alone because they are registered? So many questions, very few answers. Please let your BOS know that you support a ban on all commercial pot activities, they need to hear from you. #failedexperiment

Illegal Cannabis Grow Busted In Calaveras County
09/06/2017 Tracey Petersen, MML News Reporter
Mountain Ranch, CA – Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office assisted in a raid of a Mountain Ranch property on Tuesday.  Deputies provided security for code enforcement officers to serve an abatement warrant at an illegal marijuana cultivation site on Wendell Road. Sheriff Rick DiBasilio explains, “This was ....

Calaveras County, please take notice. The Siskiyou County BOS was tasked with deciding whether or not it would proclaim that the proliferation of illegal cannabis cultivation presents a problem that is BEYOND the control of local agencies. "Sheriff Lopey spoke first, stating that he believes the proclamation is necessary due to a large number of illicit cannabis cultivation sites discovered throughout the county. He said that he believes the sites present myriad dangers to the environment, quality of life, and public safety. Lopey called attention to the use of illegal pesticides, improper storage of waste, the lack of permitted living quarters, and other issues that might exist at the site of an illegal cannabis cultivation operation."

Supes declare cannabis cultivation emergency
09/06/2017 By David Smith / dsmith@siskiyoudaily.com
A request by Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey that the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors declare a local emergency due to illegal cannabis cultivation sparked an hours long discussion on Tuesday afternoon at the Siskiyou County Courthouse in Yreka.   A request by Siskiyou County .........

Thanks to all the taxpayers of Calaveras County and assistance from other agencies, Calaveras can now go out in full force after marijuana grows both registered and unregistered.

Illegal Grow Busters Teams Busy In Calaveras
08/02/2017 Tori James, MML News Reporter
San Andreas, CA — This week three multi-agency teams led by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office have already outpaced its own illegal marijuana eradication activities since January.Speaking with Clarke Broadcasting yesterday Calaveras Sheriff Rick DiBasilio signaled what will likely result by.......  
Crack down on illegal pot grows in Calaveras - estimated $2.5 million confiscated
Aug 1, 2017, Mitchell, Ledger Dispatch
Ledger Dispatch photo journalist Bill Lavallie was invited by the Sheriff of Calaveras County to witness the results of an ongoing investigation and pot grow eradication operation. “I met Calaveras County Sheriff DiBasilio and we travelled to an area in Mountain Ranch,” said Lavallie. “His officers .....

DEBUNKING the UOP Economic Impact Assessment of the Cannabis Cultivation Industry in Calaveras County Report

Citizens of Calaveras County,
In his letter of 2/8/17, Jason Hauer of Ebbetts Pass Lumber Company, a proponent of commercial marijuana activities in Calaveras County and sponsor of an economic report by the University of the Pacific Center for Business and Policy Research claims the UOP report is “comprehensive:”
“Ebbetts Pass Lumber Company contracted with the University of the Pacific Center for Business and Policy Research to conduct a comprehensive study on the impact of the Cannabis Industry in Calaveras County.”
The report is not comprehensive, and admits it is not.  Note the second sentence below in an excerpt from ......................


BREAKING HOT!  If you're not concerned about Commercial marijuana activities....well you should be now!  A significant number of environmental crimes have been located. The environmental crimes located include but are not limited to DAMAGE TO THE WATERSHEDS AND WATERWAYS. Investigators also found ILLEGAL PESTICIDE/HERBICIDE use  and evidence of marijuana growers DISCHARGING HUMAN WASTE into waterways. In addition several locations contained DANGEROUS CONDITIONS that could have caused wildland and or structure fires through unpermitted or substandard electrical connections or by placing running generators to operate in areas with dried grasses or fire fuels.   https://local.nixle.com/alert/6091269/

Letter to the BOS – Let the People Vote ~ By David Tunno
July 21, 2017 ThePineTree.net

Valley Springs, CA...If the Board of Supervisors desires, ultimately, not to make the final decision on whether marijuana activities should be allowed in Calaveras County, or at what level, but instead to let the voters decide, then they should consider the following: Having made my living as a trial consultant for nearly 30 years, which includes the science of public opinion research via long-established polling methods, it is important for the results of the polling to .............


This is a sad story that took place at a pot dispensary in Los Angeles, CA. Marijuana seems to attract the worst kind of criminals.

Security Guard Killed, 3 Wounded In South LA Pot Shop Shooting
July 19, 2017 CBSLA.com
SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A security guard was killed and three other men were wounded in a shooting during an attempted armed robbery at a popular marijuana dispensary in South Los Angeles Wednesday night.  The shooting occurred at 9:50 p.m. at a pot shop in a nondescript building on South Broadway, just south of Imperial Highway, near the 10 Freeway. Los Angeles police arrived to find a male security guard ......

Our small county has somewhere between 1500 and 2000 illegal grows. We have had human trafficking problems, illegal timber harvests, illegal grading, illegal stream diversions, water theft, destroyed rural roads from water trucks hauling stolen water out to pot grows, one family in the Federal Witness Protection Program because the husband serviced porta potties at a pot grow………the list goes on and on.

Calaveras County Suffering with Illegal Pot Grows
July 8, 2017 StopPot.org
My name is Bill McManus and I have been battling pot in Calaveras County for over three years.  I am a ZERO TOLERANCE activist to rid our county of all commercial cultivation of pot.  I know we have to deal with PROP 64 (California’s Recreational Pot Initiative which passed 11/16), but even that law allows for banning outdoor grows based on a county’s jurisdiction to regulate land use.  (Please join those trying to Save Calaveras County.     Here is a previous article on the problems and the crime.)I have seen this criminal enterprise up close and personal.  Hun..............


Thank you Attorney General Jeff Sessions!

Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical-marijuana providers
06/13/2017 By Christopher Ingraham, TheWashingtonPost.com
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asking congressional leaders to undo federal medical-marijuana protections that have been in place since 2014, according to a May letter that became public Monday.  The protections, known as ..............

WOW!! This bank is severing ties with an organization that accepts donations from the marijuana industry!! That's a strong message folks!

 ‘It is too risky’: Marijuana group says PNC Bank to close its accounts amid fears of a DOJ crackdown
06/20/17,  WashingtonPost.com, By Nicole Lewis
One of the nation’s leading marijuana legalization groups says PNC Bank has notified it that it will close the organization’s 22-year-old accounts, a sign of growing concerns in the financial industry that the Trump administration will crack down on the marijuana business in states that have legalized it.

This is awesome! The seizures were made by a team of sheriff’s narcotics deputies, the Mendocino County marijuana eradication team and the STATE NATIONAL GUARD DRUG TASK FORCE.

Officers seize 45,000 marijuana plants in Lake County

Six people were arrested Monday in Clearlake Oaks during a marijuana sweep that turned up more than 45,000 plants, almost 200 pounds of processed marijuana and two guns, according to Lake County sheriff’s officials.  The Monday morning seizures were made from two properties .......

Calaveras folks - you just might have a remedy against the commercial marijuana industry!

10th Circuit: Neighbors may file federal RICO lawsuit against state-licensed marijuana growing operation
06/07/17 WashingtonPost.com, By Eugene Volokh
Marijuana has been decriminalized and regulated by various states, but it remains forbidden by federal law. This means that state-legal marijuana growers might still face federal charges, though federal prosecutors could choose not to enforce the federal ban in such situations.  But it .........


City of Angels Camp is setting a great example for the rest of Calaveras County. Thank you Angel City Council and Chief Fordahl for the tough choices you must make to protect our youth.

Angels City Council rejects donation from cannabis group
05/18/17 By Jason Cowan jason@Calaverasenterprise.com
The Angels Camp City Council voted to reject a hefty donation from the Calaveras Cannabis Alliance Tuesday that would have allowed for a student resource officer at Bret Harte High School.  The donation was shot down because, though it was fully legalized through California’s Proposition 64 last year, marijuana remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance according to the federal government, a consensus of the council agreed.........

Marijuana Eradication in Jenny Lind
(Jenny Lind, CA) On 05/15/2017 at approximately 10:00 AM, Calaveras County Sheriff’s Deputies with the assistance of Calaveras County Code Enforcement served a search warrant on a property located in the 9900 block of Shalimar Drive in Jenny Lind.  The search warrant was a result of numerous citizen complaints of illegal grading and fencing filed with the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office and Code Enforcement ..........

Supes to discuss adding medical marijuana dispensaries to ban
05/10/17 By Jason Cowan jason@Calaverasenterprise.com
A date was set Tuesday to discuss whether or not to add medical marijuana dispensaries to the proposed cannabis ban.  The suggestion came at the end of the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, May 9, when District 4 Supervisor Dennis Mills expressed concern that if they don’t act by the end of the year, the state could end up controlling the future of dispensaries in the county.  Discussions to add all or part of what the .......


This is great news folks!!   "This is a tremendous victory for opponents of the marijuana industry."

Court: Neighbors can sue pot grower for stinky smells
06/07/17 Associated Press , KUSA, 9News
DENVER (AP) - A pot farm's neighbor can sue them for smells and other nuisances that could harm their property values. That's according to a federal appeals court in Denver.  The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling Wednesday revives a lawsuit between a southern Colorado horse farm ......

County releases draft of cannabis environmental impact report
04/28/17 By Jason Cowan Jason@Calaverasenterprise.com
A draft environmental impact report called a potential countywide ban on commercial cannabis cultivation the “environmentally superior alternative” Friday.  The ban beat out two other options as most ideal: taking no option to allow decision makers to compare impacts of approving ...........


Crowell pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter
04/27/17 Jason Cowan Jason@calaverasenterprise.com
Melody Crowell pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of felony involuntary manslaughter and a misdemeanor offense of obstructing a law officer’s investigation into the shooting death of her son, Rocky Scarfo.  Crowell was originally charged with second-degree murder and a  .....

Barrett admits guilt to manslaughter charge
04/24/17 By Jason Cowan Jason@calaverasenterprise.com
Jeremiah Barrett pleaded guilty Monday to one count of felony manslaughter in connection to the shooting death of Wesley David Smith at a marijuana garden near Mountain Ranch in October of 2015. According to court documents, Barrett will be sentenced to six years in prison. He ............

Please read the Draft Ban Ordinance very CAREFULLY. You can find a complete copy of the Ban Ordinance Draft at http://planning.calaverasgov.us/MedicalCannabis.aspx, BAN ORDINANCE; Draft Cannabis Ban Ordinance; Draft Cannabis Ban Ordinance.

Planning Department details proposed cannabis ban
04/21/2017 By Jason Cowan Jason@calaverasenterprise.com
An ordinance that would eliminate commercial cannabis cultivation and its related activities throughout Calaveras County was released Friday.  The ordinance, if passed, would go into effect within 30 days of its passage. Cultivators would then have 90 days to come into compliance ...............

Turner Park Stabbing
04/03/17 MEDIA RELEASE, Contact: Sergeant Anthony Eberhardt
(San Andreas, Ca) On 04/01/17 at 8:30 PM, The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office responded to 345 St. Charles Street in San Andreas for a victim of a stabbing. Deputies learned that a 22-year-old man from Mountain Ranch was allegedly trying to purchase marijuana at Turner Park ......


Ready for grow season people?  How do you feel about armed robbery taking place in your neighborhood?  Is marijuana tax money worth putting you and your family at risk?  Let your Board Supervisor know you support a BAN.

Wilseyville Robbery of Marijuana
04/03/17 MEDIA RELEASE, Contact: Sergeant Anthony Eberhardt, Calaveras County Sheriff's Office
(Wilseyville, Ca) On 04/03/17 at 1:05 AM the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 3000 block of Railroad Flat Road in Wilseyville for a male subject yelling for help. Deputies arrived at the residence and found a 36-year-old victim tied up inside his home. Deputies learned …

The marijuana industry is bringing criminal activity to our schools!! No amount of marijuana tax money is worth having this industry here.

Illegal Dumping at Calaveras High School
MEDIA RELEASE, Contact: Sergeant Anthony Eberhardt, Calaveras County Sheriff's Office
(San Andreas, Ca) On 03-30-17 at about 1245hrs, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office responded to Calaveras High School for an illegal dumping on school property. Deputies located 44 canisters of butane near the lower parking lot on High School ...............


Of the 40 or so individuals in the audience for the event, 90 percent of the attendees favored a ban on commercial cannabis cultivation throughout Calaveras County.

Cannabis discussions dominate Valley Springs town hall Thursday
03/31/17 By Jason Cowan Jason@Calaverasenterprise.com
District 5 Calaveras County Supervisor Clyde Clapp said Thursday that cannabis cultivation is putting the county in a deficit at a town hall meeting held outside Valley Springs.

Turner Park Stabbing
04/03/17 MEDIA RELEASE, Contact: Sergeant Anthony Eberhardt
(San Andreas, Ca) On 04/01/17 at 8:30 PM, The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office responded to 345 St. Charles Street in San Andreas for a victim of a stabbing. Deputies learned that a 22-year-old man from Mountain Ranch was allegedly trying to purchase marijuana at Turner Park .....

Judge strikes down Measure B - Measure B supporters disappointed with ruling

Thousands were angered, Bill McManus said nearly two hours after a visiting judge from Alpine County struck Measure B from an all-mail election previously scheduled for May 2.
03/30/2017 By Jason Cowan jason@Calaverasenterprise.com
He said 5,220 people signed the petition last year to place Measure B on the ballot and permit Calaveras residents to vote on a ban of commercial cannabis cultivation. Some 80 petition circulators spent time on ...............

It's apparent your right to vote on Measure B has been taken away from you by the opposition that wants to silence your voice!  The fight for our children, families and communities is NOT over!!

Measure B Commercial Cannabis Ban Ordered Off Special Ballot
03/28/17 Tori James, MML News Reporter, MyMotherLode.com
San Andreas, CA — A visiting Calaveras County Superior Court judge today ordered the Registrar of Voters to remove the citizens’ initiative Measure B commercial cannabis cultivation ban from the May 2 special election ballot. The direction came after Judge Richard D Meyer ruled that the language of the initiative failed to substantially comply with a section of the Election Code. The action followed the judge’s consideration of a petition recently filed by Jeremy Carlson of Calaveras Naturals, which owns Little Trees Dispensary in Arnold. Carlson sought a writ of mandate to delete the measure due to ....

Here we go again! The commercial marijuana industry has filed another lawsuit attempting to silence the will of the people and STOP YOU from getting your voice heard on Measure B. 
Another writ of mandate filed against Measure B
March 16, 2017, By Terry Grillo terry@calaverasenterprise.com
A writ of mandate filed early this month by Calaveras Naturals Inc. seeks to dismiss cannabis-ban initiative Measure B from the scheduled May 2 mail-in ballot, citing state law that requires language calling for the people of Calaveras County to enact the legislation.  As submitted .............

Research Traces the Money Trail andReveals the Motivation Behind Marijuana as Medicine 

 Arraignment date set on murder retrial
 3/10/17 By Jason Cowan, The Union Democrat, @jcowan1031
 An arraignment on amended charges and a bail hearing was set Friday for Jeremiah Barrett in his first court appearance since a panel of jurors ruled he was not guilty on two felony murder ….............

Bill McManus said he is thrilled with the outcome. The changes to the Ballot Argument and Rebuttal were mild and the message remains the same.
Judge rules change needed to Measure B claims
3/08/17 By Jason Cowan, The Union Democrat, @jcowan1031
All eight challenged statements submitted proponents of Measure B, the Calaveras County cannabis ban, were either amended or deleted.  According to court documents, seven of the eight statements Bob Bowerman, the ......................

03/05/17 The vandalism of vehicles belonging to associates of the Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation has begun.The victim's vehicle tires were slashed on 3/5/17 while in west county area. The attached picture is a vehicle that CCSO is trying to identify in order to question the occupants in relation to the vandalism. The truck appears to be grey in color with black rims and has a camper shell with a rear door that swings left to right. If you have any information or know the identity of the owner of this truck, please contact Deputy Keith Vincent at the Sheriff’s Office (209) 754-6500.

Jurors for the Jeremiah Barrett murder trial head into deliberation. DA calls for convictions on all three murder charges
02/15/17 by Charity Maness charity.calent@gmail.com
As of 3 p.m. Wednesday, the jury is deliberating in the Calaveras County Superior Court trial of Jeremiah Barrett on three counts of murder in the second degree.  Jury  instructions, closing arguments and the prosecution's .........

Cannabis urgency ordinance extended by supervisors
02/15/2017 By Terry Grillo terry@calaverasenterprise.com
It took two attempts, but the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors, by a 4-1 vote, passed a final extension on Tuesday of the county’s much-maligned cannabis urgency ordinance, keeping regulation and enforcement in place at .............

Supervisors direct staff to draft marijuana ban
02/03/2017 By Terry Grillo terry@calaverasenterprise.com
The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors added another layer of review over the cultivation of commercial cannabis when they agreed by a 3-2 poll of the board  on Jan. 31 to direct county staff to prepare a ban on the product until voters decide on May 2 whether to enact a ..............

Triple-murder trial continues
02/02/2017By Charity Maness Calaverasenterprise.com
The Calaveras County Superior Court’s triple-murder trial of Jeremiah Barrett entered its fourth day of testimony Thursday, but those who were awaiting the highly anticipated testimony of Leon (Lee) Grammer, Jeremiah Barrett’s brother, will have to wait another day. Calaveras County Superior…

Friday deadline for May 2 Calaveras County ballot arguments
02/01/2017 By Jerry Budrick editor@calaverasenterprise.com
Arguments for or against any of the four local measures that will be on the May 2 special all-mail ballot must be submitted to the Calaveras County Elections Department by 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 3. Rebuttal arguments will then be due by 4 p.m. Feb. 14. Additional information may be obtained on the Calaveras County ............

Barrett trial continues – Tuesday, Jan. 31
01/31/2017 By Charity Maness Calaverasenterprise.com
Members of the families of Robert Haney, Terry Looney Jr. and Wesley Smith softly sobbed as images of their loved ones’ lifeless bodies were displayed on a large screen at the Jeremiah Barrett murder trial Monday at the Calaveras County Superior Court.  People’s exhibit 37, introduced by Deputy District Attorney Brad .....

Barrett trial begins
01/30/2017 By Charity Maness calaverasenterprise.com
The triple-murder trial of Jeremiah Barrett began Monday morning in Calaveras County Superior Court. Barrett is charged with three counts of murder in the second degree, for shooting Robert Daniel Haney, Terry Glen Looney Jr. and Wesley David Smith on Oct. 20, 2015.  Judge Tim Healy began ..........

Voters To Decide Future Of Legal Marijuana Cultivation In Calaveras County

01/25/ 2017 By Drew Bollea  CBS13

CALAVERAS (CBS13) – The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to let the voters decide if legal marijuana cultivation should remain or be banned.  A debate is brewing over money, drugs, and the law.  In the rolling hills of Calaveras County, ..............

Supervisors may enact cannabis ban Tuesday

01/23/2017 By Terry Grillo calaverasenterprise.com

A ban on commercial cannabis operations in Calaveras County could be enacted by the Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting on Tuesday.
It is one of three options available to the board, following certification earlier this month by the Calaveras County Elections ............

Calaveras County Residents Push Back Big Marijuana

01/11/2017 ThePineTree.net

County Clerk and Registrar of Voters Rebecca Turner today certified the petition sections filed by proponents of the initiative to ban commercial marijuana cultivation included more than enough valid signatures to qualify it for a special election. Sampling 500 of the more than ........

Elections office counting signatures for commercial cannabis ban

01/02/2017 Dana M. Nichols dana@calaverasenterprise.com

Calaveras County elections officials this week began an initial count of signatures submitted in support of a ballot measure that seeks to ban commercial cannabis cultivation.  Elections Coordinator Robin Glanville said that next week, staff members will begin verifying a ..........

Superior Court sets Jan. 4 date for report on plea bargain for Amma

12/29/2016 calaverasenterprise.com

A man accused of attempting an armed robbery of a cannabis grower in Arnold may agree to a plea bargain when he returns to court on Jan. 4.
L Amir Anthony Varick Amma, 48, of Richmond, appeared in court Wednesday .................

Calaveras County cannabis farm inspections to continue, for now, Staffing woes delay effort to process registration applications
12/15/2016 By Dana M. Nichols dana@calaverasenterprise.com
The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors wants inspections of cannabis farms and related enforcement of county codes to continue, at least for now. The board on Tuesday voted without dissent to approve a contract ...................

County reports 47 grow sites registered, 58 rejected

12/12/2016 By Dana M. Nichols dana@calaverasenterprise.com
The Calaveras County Planning Department has now completed processing just over 11 percent of the 947 applications to register cannabis cultivation sites that it received earlier this year. The applications

Trump support, marijuana opposition strongest in west county
12/05/2016 By Dana M. Nichols dana@calaverasenterprise.com
The lower-altitude parts of Calaveras County where President-elect Donald Trump drew his strongest support are also the areas where voters were most likely to reject the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana use, according to a detailed precinct-by-precinct breakdown .......

Marijuana ban group has until Jan. 9 to submit signatures,If certified, special election can’t come until May
11/21/2016 By Terry Grillo terry@calaverasenterprise.com
The Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation in Calaveras County has until Jan. 9 to submit signatures and worksheets for review by the Elections Department if it wants to hold an election in May, according to …….

CHP officers may assist with cannabis farm inspections
11/21/2016 By Dana M. Nichols dana@calaverasenterprise.com
Calaveras County supervisors on Tuesday will consider contracting with the California Highway Patrol to provide officers to escort building code inspectors when the inspectors visit cannabis farms. County .....

Detectives Investigating Possible Arson Fire In Murphys
11/17/2016 ThePineTree.net
Murphys, CA...On 11/17/16 at 3:24 AM, Calaveras County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 2000 block of Nickerson Lane in Murphy’s for a vehicle fire. Deputies arrived on scene and observed a RV motorhome ......

Board could decide cannabis fate
11/14/2016 Terry Grillo terry@calaverasenterprise.com

The fate of the commercial cannabis industry in Calaveras County remained unclear on Monday, following the defeat of an initiative to enact permanent regulation on the Nov. 8 ballot and a nearly full-on ...........

Critics say pro-marijuana views are conflict for county legal advisers
Calaveras County Counsel Megan Stedtfeld defends her staff
11/14/2016 By Dana M. Nichols@calaverasenterprise.com
Calaveras County Counsel Megan Stedtfeld on Wednesday said that she has reviewed allegations of unethical or inappropriate behavior on the part of several of her staff attorneys and found there was no .............

Mountain Ranch Pot Grow Scene Of An Assault with Deadly Weapon
11/10/2016 Tracey Petersen@MyMotherLode.com

Mountain Ranch, CA – Calaveras County Sheriff’s officials report deputies arrived on a Mountain Ranch property and heard a woman screaming for help.  Calaveras County Sheriff’s officials report .....

Calaveras County voters defeat Measure D, remove pro-regulation supervisors
Future of cannabis industry in Calaveras County is now in question

11/09/2016 By Dana M. Nichols@calaverasenterprise.com

Voters Tuesday made it clear that the future of Calaveras County’s legal cannabis industry is at least in doubt, if not in dire jeopardy.  Voters defeated Measure D, which would have set permanent regulations for ..... 

Calaveras Enterprise
Sheriff’s Office breaks up huge processing center at old county airport near San Andreas
32 arrested at operation with sophisticated equipment

10/29/2016, By Terry Grillo terry
Calaveras County sheriff deputies on Friday morning executed a search warrant at a cavernous steel building at the former county airport, 833 Highway 49, San Andreas, and arrested .......

Calaveras Enterprise
Sheriff reports arrest in attempted cannabis farm robbery, Pioneer man accused of attempted murder
The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office reported that on Oct. 22, it arrested Kevin Louis Cucuk, 25, of Pioneer, on suspicion of attempted murder in connection to a cannabis farm robbery four ......

Sheriff’s Department Busts Huge Pot Grow in Calaveras County
10/26/2016, by Rowena Shaddox
CALAVERAS COUNTY -- The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department arrested 23 people and seized 1,000 pounds of marijuana from about 1,500 plants from three illegal grow sites......

Calaveras Enterprise
23 workers arrested at four West Point cannabis grows, Illegal farms produced hundreds of pounds of finished marijuana
10/25/2016, By Terry Grillo
Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday broke up four illegal cannabis farms a few miles from downtown West Point, arrested 23 workers and used three county dump trucks to haul .......

Calaveras Enterprise
Calaveras Sheriff reports arrest in cannabis farm robbery,Pioneer man accused of attempted murder
The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office reported that on Saturday it arrested Kevin Louis Cucuk, 25, of Pioneer, on suspicion of attempted murder in connection to a cannabis farm robbery .......

Calaveras Enterprise
Six men arrested in Rail Road Flat cannabis eradication, Suspects from East Coast and Bay Area
10/14/2016, Enterprise Report
Six men were arrested and cannabis plants and products with a street value of about $2 million were destroyed by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 7 after deputies served........

Two With Ties To Marijuana Grow Arrested For Forged ID, LSD
10/14/2016, Tori James, MML News Reporter
Angels Camp, CA — A state Fish & Wildlife warden who smelled something was not right tapped police to conduct a traffic stop that turned up a forged ID card and drugs.According to Angels Camp Police ........

Six Arrested For Illegal Grow Estimated At Over $2.6 Million
10/10/2016, Tori James
San Andreas, CA – An illicit marijuana grow estimated as being worth over $2.6 million was eradicated by Calaveras County enforcement officials, who also arrested six in connection with cultivating it.  Accor........

Calaveras Enterprise
Calaveras school chiefs warn about dangers in pot use for adolescents
10/10/2016, Kathy Northington Guest Opinion
The school superintendents in Calaveras County have come together to share with the public our concerns for the youth of Calaveras County related to marijuana cultivation and accessibility.  We believe it’s important ......

Calaveras County -- Don't Move Here
In my last post titled Let's Talk About Calaveras County, I tried to highlight some of our history before saying how I would not recommend anyone moving to this county -- at least not right now or in the near ........

Guns and Drugs Seized
On 10-03-16, at approximately 9:10 PM, an officer from the Angels Camp Police Department was on patrol when he noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in the 1600 block of Finnegan Lane.  When the officer ..........

Two Traffic Stops Net Two Illegal Firearms.
Recently, officers from the Angels Camp Police Department have removed firearms from two different individuals, on two different traffic stops.  The first incident occurred on 09-26-16, when Anthony ........

Calaveras Enterprise
Welcome to the wide world of drugs
09/22/2016 Ken Johnson An American Tune
We are faced with a Faustian bargain on our local November ballot. We somehow were able to get pro-marijuana initiatives on both the state and local ballots. The initiative that bans commercial ..........

Two Arrested For Criminal Marijuana Grow Face Trafficking, Other Charges
09/15/2016, Tori James, MML News Reporter 
San Andreas, CA – A recently destroyed large marijuana grow is back in the news as two women transferred into the Calaveras County Jail, both charged with multiple related felonies — some for violent ...........

Concerns Grow Over Calaveras Marijuana Harvest
09/12/2016,Tori James, MML News Reporter
San Andreas, CA — The fall marijuana crop coming in, mostly from out-of-compliance grows, has neighbors and growers uneasily looking over their shoulders.Last week, as reported here, Calaveras County Sheriff ........

09/08/2016, Ryan Burns
Center for Investigative Reporting Examines Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in the Local Weed Industry
The Emerald Triangle’s underground marijuana industry, with its backwoods setting and its code of silence, has given rise to widespread exploitation of women including numerous cases of violent sexual abuse. That’s ........

Deputies Remove Thousands of Marijuana Plants from Illegal Grow in Calaveras County
09/06/2016, by Ali Wolf
CALAVERAS COUNTY -- One by one, deputies ripped thousands of large marijuana plants from the ground in rural Calaveras County.  "We had an abatement warrant on this property, it's about ....... 

Calaveras Enterprise
West Point woman accused of killing son awaits trial
woman accused of shooting her son Rocky Scarfo to death in the family’s marijuana garden

09/05/2016, By Dana M. Nichols dana@calaverasenterprise.com
Melody Crowell, the West Point woman accused of shooting her son Rocky Scarfo to death in the family’s marijuana garden, will return to court Oct. 21 to set a date for her trial.......

Calaveras Enterprise
Sheriff still wants ban on commercial cannabis
09/01/2016, By Terry Grillo terry@calaverasenterprise.com
Calaveras County Sheriff Rick DiBasilio wants a county ban on commercial cannabis cultivation but said he will follow the direction either of the Board of Supervisors’ urgency ordinance ........

San Andreas Robbery of Marijuana Plants
On 08-28-16 at 10:30 AM, Calaveras Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 3000 block of Central Hill Road in San Andreas to investigate a report of a brandishing of a firearm. The victim was approached by two adult ..........

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Supervisors request report on county cannabis program
08/29/2016, By Terry Grillo terry@calaverasenterprise.com
The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors on Sept. 13 is scheduled to hear a comprehensive report from the directors of several county departments on the county’s cannabis registration .........

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Sheriff: Marijuana ‘does not belong’ in Calaveras County
Many at Copperopolis meeting say they fear cannabis farmers
08/29/2016, By Charity Maness charity.calent@gmail.com
Marijuana does not belong in Calaveras County ....................

Update: Arrest Made For Igniting 450 Acre Willow Fire
"under the influence of a Narcotic Analgesic and Cannabis"

08/29/2016, B.J. Hansen, MML News DIrector
Update at 8:35am: The CHP has released more details about the arrest of Rene Ilene Hogan who officials say ignited multiple small fires that led to the 450 acre Willow Fire. She was .............

Calaveras County Sheriff's Office
Advisory: Valley Springs Search Warrant, Contact: Sergeant Anthony Eberhardt

Release Date: 08/26/16 Release
On 8-26-16 at about 1100hrs the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department served a search warrant on the 2000 block of Danaher in Valley Springs as part of an investigation into a concentrated cannabis lab. It was determined during the investigation that the suspect had been using butane to manufacture concentrated cannabis. Several items collected at the scene are connected to concentrated cannabis. This is a very dangerous method and it is not uncommon for these “labs” to explode. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad has responded to several calls of a reported pipe bomb, only to discover the pipe is remnants of a BHO (Butane Honey Oil) lab. No arrests have been made. However, this case is still under investigation and charges may be filed at later date.

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Do we the people have a right to vote on the cannabis issue?
08/26/2016, Letter to the Editor
As a republic, we the people elect others to represent us and to make decisions on our behalf. This form of government, as envisioned by our founding fathers, works for the most part but ..........

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Spring failure blamed on marijuana farms
08/22/2016, Letter to the Editor
Well, it has finally happened! Our 200-year-old spring, first serving a Miwok Indian settlement in the 1800s and for over 100 years giving crystal clear spring water on a gravity line to the ..........

California's illegal marijuana farms force cops to wield 'green' stick
08/21/2016, Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY
WILLOW CREEK, Calif. — Sgt. Kerry Ireland leans out the open door of the circling helicopter, his hand pointing down at the emerald-green plants growing in neat rows
beneath a canopy of trees.  “There you go, there’s ......

HOT UPDATE ON The 2nd Great Cannabis Debate, Presents Merita Callaway and Bill McManus
It was a complete 180 from the last big Measure D Debate in Murphys that was handily won by the Commercial cannabis cultivators.  Last night Bill McManus triumphed leaving the Commercial cannabis folks wondering what happened.  With about 75 people in attendance, 15 represented the cannabis position.  The balance of 60 was loudly against Measure D.  People plus their friends know this so let’s see how it gets reported in our newspapers!  The Victory was particularly special because the cannabis crowd was allowed to have Caslin Tomaszewski as their spokesman at the debate table.  Caslin was unable to turn the tables in favor of the cannabis folks and Measure D!  He left notability shaken!  Great night for Bill McManus who had all the right answers and for the NO on Measure D crowd!Type your paragraph here.

Illegal Pot Grow Sparked Rocky Fire
08/17/2016, Tracey Petersen, MML News Reporter
Sacramento, CA – State fire investigators released their findings Wednesday into what ignited the Rocky Fire that burned down 43 homes and at its height threatened 7,000 structures...........

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Guest Opinion: Sheriff violates oath by accepting cannabis funding
Aug 4, 2016, By Todd Fordahl
I feel obligated to respond to your recent article about Barden Stevenot and his philanthropic efforts to protect Calaveras County...........

Marijuana Eradication Season Heats Up
08/03/2016, Tori James, MML News Reporter
San Andreas, CA – As officials predicted, cannabis enforcement activity is on the rise in the August heat ahead of what is still bound to be a bumper crop of legal and illicit marijuana come .........

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Cal Fire says four recent Calaveras County fires caused by negligent cannabis growers
Jul 20, 2016, By Terry Grillo terry@calaverasenterprise.com
Four wildfires in Calaveras County between June 14 and July 11 were caused by negligent use of equipment and improperly installed electrical systems on cannabis cultivation sites..............

Fires Caused By Negligence In Marijuana Gardens! $1,408,664 In Suppression Costs
July 15, 2016, By admin
San Andreas, CA…Fire investigators from the CAL FIRE Tuolumne – Calaveras Unit have determined that negligent use of equipment and improperly installed electrical systems on marijuana ............

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Pot garden thefts lead to three deaths, two arrests near Rail Road Flat
Oct. 20, 2015, Travis Taborek travis@calaverasenterprise.com
The three adult men killed Tuesday morning near Rail Road Flat were attempting to steal from a medical marijuana garden, according to witness statements to Calaveras .......



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