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Due to the sensitive nature of the contents on this page all testimonials will remain as anonymous for the protection and security of those individuals that are willing to share their stories.

Bad Guys are Good Guys?

August 28, 2017

The Urgency Ordinance passed by the previous Board of Supervisors was supposed to get rid of the bad guys and give us citizens’ protection and safety.  What do you do when a registered grow next to you has five campers with numerous workers living there, no power, no water, dogs tied to trees that get loose and harass the neighborhood, grows visible from every view of the property, and a guard patrolling the property at all times?  Are these the good guys that regulation promised us?


Calaveras County Resident

Ban Commercial Cultivation of Marijuana in Calaveras County

Tragic Vandalism

May 23, 2017

Mr. Garamendi, you are my supervisor.  I want to make you aware of the atrocious vandalism which has occurred in the past few weeks to Natural Bridges public park, off Parrots Ferry Rd.  Recently, vandals spray- painted a huge, black marijuana leaf on the pristine rock on the opposite side of the stream, with some gangbanger- style writing next to it.  It can be seen from higher on the trail and was not there when I hiked down the day before Easter.  It was there on May 5th.  Last week I took a friend from out of town down the trail, and now there is graffiti sprayed in black paint on the stone slab that borders the trail.

This is a great example of the negative impact of supporting an “industry” which has been drawing in the type of folk who would vandalize a beautiful, local natural resource.  There is no way to prove the connection  to growing and selling marijuana, of course.  However, our family moved to this county to get away from these anti-social, drug –driven groups of folk in the Bay area.  And now, here they are.


Letter to the Department of ........................

September 27th 2016
I would like to make the following comment on the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program, to be filed in the record for: Both PEIR & Regulations

Cannabis requires massive amounts of water. A single plant needs up to 8 to 15 gallons of water every day depending on environment and temperatures, with a continuing western drought, considering legalization of such a crop that does not create food is insane.
Cannabis is not compatible within any residential zoning including residential/agriculture zoning areas. The decreased property values of adjacent and nearby properties due to the smell of dead skunks, the negative criminal elements of the drug and traffic, is an unavoidable impact. These growers have been illegally growing and selling, even though it has been illegal to do so. These growers will not follow the laws, regulations and ordinances to regulate them legally. Even with potential legalization, the lure of additional profit through circumventing the payment of taxes and cost of the legally regulated production will continue the criminal elements of the growers with the black market continuing to thrive.

Marijuana growers are often heavily armed and operate with little or no regard for the environmental impacts of their operations.

Marijuana grow sites harm surrounding habitats in other ways, too. Cultivators use fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and rat poison, which wash into waterways and leach into groundwater contaminating the water supply. The use of excessive pesticide, herbicide and rodenticide, poisons used to keep rodents away from plants have lethal effects on fish and wildlife. They also produce large amounts of trash and non-biodegradable waste. The air pollution created is extremely noticeable without the use of air testing equipment.

Cultivation of marijuana presents a clear danger to the public health, safety and the environment; regulation will not fully mitigate this reality.

We have owned our 5 acre horse ranch for many years. We, as well as the several surrounding horse ranches, now cannot use or enjoy our outdoor areas of our properties; due to Calaveras “cannabis” County allowing a one acre grow site at an adjacent property, as well as more than 700 other sites in the county. We no longer feel safe on our own property. Under California law we must disclose this, if we were trying to sell our property. According to property appraisers, we now have lost more than 30% property value. How will that be mitigated? We know firsthand of the numerous negative effects involved with cannabis cultivation. We want our neighborhoods back!

We also have to bear the cost of our own water well testing and don’t know what we will do when the test come back with contamination, as it is our only water source.

Calaveras County long-time Homeowner and Resident

July 7, 2017
Dear Citizens of Angels Camp:

Like most of you, I felt a sense of relief when the City Council finally approved an ordinance banning the cultivation of marijuana within city limits last year. The passage of Prop 64 now allows for 6 plants and overrules the ordinance, but they must be indoors, and out of sight and smell of anyone outside the home. Dozens of Angels Camp RESIDENTS/VOTERS turned out at several meetings over years and expressed our unequivocal opposition to marijuana growth on the record.

Following the emails received yesterday about out of town pot advocates trying to change the city’s mind, I read the entire City Council packet from the last meeting and discovered a very disturbing paragraph. The input of these outside marijuana entities is being invited, solicited and advocated by the city attorney! The packet in its entirety may be found at  http://angelscamp.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/CC-PACKET-6-20-2017.pdf

The disturbing paragraph is buried on page 56 of the packet, last paragraph and is the tail end of the staff report prepared by Derek Cole, the City Attorney. It is titled “Other Perspectives” and reads: “A copy of a Powerpoint presentation regarding Proposition 64 from a well-known cannabis advocate is provided along with this staff report. Prior to submitting this staff report (on Wednesday, June 14), I left a long voicemail for the Calaveras Cannabis Alliance advising of this agenda item on the June 20 agenda and inviting them to attend and comment.”

WTF!!! Did the City Attorney call any Angels Camp residents opposed to marijuana cultivation and give them the same heads-up a week in advance? He has all of our names from the public comment lists from the meetings during which the Cultivation Ban was debated. Most CCA members do not live or work in Angels Camp. They are not voters in Angels Camp. The city attorney should not be serving them! I am not an attorney, and have no idea if that is illegal but it sure as heck seems like it should be. It seems to me that the city attorney is supposed to advise the council on matters under consideration, NOT solicit outside special interest groups to sway the council to harm the residents of Angels Camp.  

Mr. Cole’s support for marijuana became apparent during the appeal hearing of the Pot Shop in Angels Camp on Feb 7, 2017 that the Commission had denied. He encouraged the council to approve it, despite the overwhelming sentiment in the room from citizens that it wasn’t wanted and evidence it would endanger children. At one point, Mr. Cole was providing legal advice to the marijuana applicant and her attorney. He did so even after it came to light that the applicant was not honest on her application and had lied to the commission at various points. This latest action seems to confirm that the pot agenda is far higher on his priority list than the residents of the City of Angels Camp.

I strongly advise any and all of you to show up to the next city council meeting (July 18th, 6pm) and let them know how you feel about the City Attorney conspiring with marijuana dealers and growers to pursue an activity already banned in our city by ordinance.  

Angels Camp Resident 

Grandkids Barred from Grandma’s House
June 8, 2017

This is what you won’t hear in main stream media.

We live in a neighborhood surrounded with commercial marijuana grows.  We’ve been terrorized, intimidated and threatened by multiple growers and grow owners (often times they are not one in the same).  There has been gang-like activity, fires, crime and theft in the marijuana grows.

Unfortunately both our kids and grandkids have experienced this criminal activity first hand.  Our kids told us over a year ago that they will not come to visit us, that it’s no longer safe for our grandkids therefore they are not allowed to visit us either. This statement holds true for many of our friends and family.  Our home was once our castle and for the last several years a vacation resort for the grandkids, friends and family but has now become a prison.  Just the other day I was able to go visit the grandkids at their home and blissfully asked their dad “when are you going to come visit us?”  His response quickly brought me back to a harsh reality when he blurted out the blunt truth “mom, when you don’t have big marijuana grows on the left of you and on the right of you!”    I left that day feeling like my heart had been ripped out and the pain of being denied visits from my grandkids stuck life a knife in my chest. 

We feel trapped in a war for drugs with no way out.  Who wants to raise a family in a place surrounded by big pot grows?  Who wants to retire in a place surrounded by big pot grows?  Pot investors aren’t typically interested in investing in large homes; it’s all about the land, minimal financial investment and large profits.  They generally live in RV’s, tents, trailers or very inexpensive homes.  It seems the majority of pot investors pay cash for their land and after all would you want to risk losing a large home investment to possible asset forfeiture?

The truly sad part is I’m not the only grandma in this county to be denied their grandkids. There are many others in the same situation and it’s sickening to hear their stories.  Our grandkids and neighborhood children are the ones paying the ultimate price for the sake of drug money.

Suffering in Calaveras