We are the

​Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation

​in Calaveras County


  • The adjoining counties Tuolumne, Amador and Stanislaus Counties have all banned the commercial cultivation of marijuana.
  • To protect our quality of life in Calaveras County.
  • ​Both the Calaveras County Sheriff and District Attorney have spoken before the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors to ask them to place a ban on commercial cultivation of marijuana.
  • The commercial cultivation of marijuana has and will continue to bring in a criminal element into our County.  Outside gangs and criminals have and will continue to come into our County to steal the mature marijuana plants during time of harvest.
  • Cartel gangs are currently illegally growing marijuana in Calaveras County.
  • Many local families are being surrounded by commercial marijuana grows and finding their neighborhoods are no longer safe. 
  • Calaveras residents are also finding they are no longer able to use and enjoy their property for months on end due to the malodorous odor created by  commercial marijuana cultivation grows.
  • Marijuana cultivation uses a large amount of water at 6 gallons per day per plant.  Commercial grows can consist of hundreds of plants.  The County has not completed an Environmental Impact Report to evaluate the impact to Calaveras County water.  Calaveras taxpayers are the ones paying for the $170,000+  environmental report!
  • Marijuana cultivation also uses fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals that can leach into the soil and our water which will damage the environment.
  • ​Costs to monitor, control, prosecute and litigate violations will cost the taxpayers in Calaveras County.  The cost to regulate will far exceed any marijuana tax revenue because of all the unintended consequences that this drug industry brings with it such as crime, environmental contamination, homelessness, etc.
  • ​Allowing commercial marijuana a growers to operate in Calaveras County is opening our County to civil law suits for not protecting the public health, safety and welfare of its residents.  The commercial growers are not required to post any type of bond or insurance to protect the citizens of Calaveras County from damages brought on by the industry.
  • And so many more reasons!  Please view the News Articlesand Testimonials pages to find out more.

Calaveras County Sheriff's Office

Anonymous Marijuana Tip Line (209) 754-6870

The marijuana plant shown here is taller than the approximately 6 foot tall Calaveras County sheriff.

This is what some of the commercial marijuana grows in Calaveras County residential areas look like​ The black screening is about 6 feet high similar to an industrial construction zone.