Letter to the BOS – Let the People Vote ~ By David Tunno

July 21, 2017 ThePineTree.net

Valley Springs, CA...If the Board of Supervisors desires, ultimately, not to make the final decision on whether marijuana activities should be allowed in Calaveras County, or at what level, but instead to let the voters decide, then they should consider the following: Having made my living as a trial consultant for nearly 30 years, which includes the science of public opinion research via long-established polling methods, it is important for the results of the polling to .............

 This is a sad story that took place at a pot dispensary in Los Angeles, CA. Marijuana seems to attract the worst kind of criminals.

Security Guard Killed, 3 Wounded In South LA Pot Shop Shooting

July 19, 2017 CBSLA.com

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A security guard was killed and three other men were wounded in a shooting during an attempted armed robbery at a popular marijuana dispensary in South Los Angeles Wednesday night.

The shooting occurred at 9:50 p.m. at a pot shop in a nondescript building on South Broadway, just south of Imperial Highway, near the 10 Freeway. Los Angeles police arrived to find a male security guard dead on scene.

Our small county has somewhere between 1500 and 2000 illegal grows. We have had human trafficking problems, illegal timber harvests, illegal grading, illegal stream diversions, water theft, destroyed rural roads from water trucks hauling stolen water out to pot grows, one family in the Federal Witness Protection Program because the husband serviced porta potties at a pot grow………the list goes on and on.

Calaveras County Suffering with Illegal Pot Grows

July 8, 2017 StopPot.org

My name is Bill McManus and I have been battling pot in Calaveras County for over three years.  I am a ZERO TOLERANCE activist to rid our county of all commercial cultivation of pot.  I know we have to deal with PROP 64 (California’s Recreational Pot Initiative which passed 11/16), but even that law allows for banning outdoor grows based on a county’s jurisdiction to regulate land use.  (Please join those trying to Save Calaveras County.     Here is a previous article on the problems and the crime.)I have seen this criminal enterprise up close and personal.  Hun..............

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Special ops team raids drug cartels in Bay Area

An elite law enforcement team is battling foreign drug cartels that operate in Northern California, wreaking havoc on the environment and producing pot tainted with toxic chemicals. The ABC7 I-Team has stunning video of the special ops unit in action.


Investigators target toxic posions used to foster illegal marijuana growth

MODESTO -- (KTVU) -- Chemicals being used to boost the growth of illegal marijuana plants on California state park land could also pose a threat to animals, water supplies -- and possibly threaten humans, officials say.

We are the

​Committee to Ban Commercial Cultivation

​in Calaveras County